Friday, October 3, 2008

He's Here

Thank you Justme for posting a comment that Baby had arrived. I don't have time to tell the story of all 36 hours of labor (eek!) but let's just say it took 2 trips to the hospital, 2 doulas, 2 soaks in the tub, 30 hours without medical intervention, 5 hours at 90% effacement and dialated to 9 before finally agreeing to an epidural (heaven sent drug that let me sleep!!), a couple hours on pitocin, an hour off the epidural to begin feeling contractions to push effectively, 15 minutes of pushing, and arrival of the baby 5 minutes before the doctor arrived to "catch."


Here are a couple pictures. The first is fairly soon after he was born and right after hubby put on his first diaper. The hat does not do justice to the *major* cone head he was sporting. The second picture was taken this morning just after he ate. Hubby took some short video clips of his facial expression exercises this morning too. I'll ask hubby to save a copy on my computer so I can post one or two for those who are interested.