Friday, August 10, 2007

Odd Symptoms

So, I'm 7dpo and I have been having some odd symptoms this cycle (but, unfortunately, they're not symptoms that make me think I'm pg...). I'm not sure what to make of them. I am taking Progesterone, so that might have something to do with the symptoms, but I have been taking progesterone for a while, so I'm kind of skeptical... WARNING: Some of these may be TMI...

At 3dpo my boobs were really heavy (but not sore)-- this might have been due to the progesterone
At 4dpo I had lost 2 pounds from my weight leading up to and on O day
At 6dpo I had to go to the potty (#2) 4 times
At 7dpo (today) I have been moody, visited the potty 6 times (2 of them diarrhea), been bloted and gassy.
Oh, and I was extremely tired this past week, but I think it was due to working a ton of over-time and not getting good sleep or enough sleep. Besides, fatigue due to being pg wouldn't kick in until after implantation, right?

I don't think I ate anything that was bad, but I supposed it's possible. It doesn't explain the heavy boobs, moodiness and weight loss though. I looked at my old charts and I do seem to have to visit the bathroom more during this part of my cycle (which I think is just odd in general...), so maybe this cycle is "normal" for me and I just never noticed the other sympotms before? My cycle is usually such a roller coaster that it wouldn't surprise me if I missed symptoms because I thought they were just part of my "normal" crazy self...

Anyway, I know the calendar says I'm only 7dpo, but I feel like time has been standing still in this 2ww... It feels like I O'd a month ago. All I can say is that I'm glad to be pretty confident that I did, in fact, O. Wouldn't it be nice if I could get another 2 pink lines this week, but on a pg stick instead of an opk? =)


Kim said...

Hoping! Hoping! Hoping!
2ww are painful enough, emotionally, but then we get all of the little symptoms that could be the drugs or the real deal. I wish we could fast forward a few days sometimes!

Yes, I'm on progesterone and it can do weird things.

You are a few days ahead of me! Good luck!

Mrs. B said...

Well, I do know that just being in the 2WW can heighten your awareness of your body's signs, so... That being said, I do think that most signs of PG would come after implantation but I've not made it that far yet so who knows...

Good luck, I'm hoping for you.