Saturday, August 25, 2007

OPK Results?

I POAS today and I'm not sure what the results mean. I tried to take a picture, but I couldn't get the picture to come out clear enough. The test line was just barely lighter than the cover line. According to the directions, this officially means that the result is negative (doesn't it?). However, I didn't completely refrain from drinking liquid for 2 hours so the test may be diluted... This is why I find POAS so frustrating... it seems like the results should be concrete and infallible, but they're not. There is always something that brings the results into question. So, I will dutifully report on my chart that the opk test result for today was negative, but I will also write a note in the notes section that the test line was almost dark enough to be positive.


Fertilize Me said...

OH just more reason i thoroughly HATE the POAS acronym - good luck to you. To muddy the waters, that could have been a + with not enough liquids, or the back end of a positive - So if you notice tomorrow that is is lighter - I'd take that as a + for ya!!

chicklet said...

I hate POAS and I hate even more when the lines are barely different. According to my clinic, even barely lighter means negative though. Although that drives me crazy cuz it feels like I could miss it cuz it's barely lighter and might change any minute!