Thursday, August 2, 2007

My first positive!

I finally got 2 lines.... on an OPK. It still was a little exciting to see 2 lines. At least my pee is capable of producing 2 lines on something... And, I was worried that I wasn't ovulating, so it was good to get some kind of concrete sign that the O is happening. I had to test at work (so uncomfortable) so I don't have a camera with me. If my lines are still there when I get home I will post a picture. My test line was quite a bit darker than the cover line. I'm assuming that means it's a strong ovulation. (If it doesn't, will someone please tell me!?!) We have been trying to do a mega boogie marathon, but yesterday was day four and we were just really tired. Hopefully tonight will go smoothly... it's going to be a long day for both of us...


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Good luck, have fun baby dancing!!

And yes, a dark line does indicate a strong ovulation but really any ovulation is good (better than none)!!

Chas said...

Congrats!! Good luck!

BTW, this comment will send you to my regular blog, but if you'd rather my IF's . The PW is "frozen".

SaraS-P said...

Woo hoo! Let's hear it for the LH surge!

Trish said...

I went 6+ months with not even a faint line on an OPK (even though I was ovulating, it was crappy and wouldn't show up.)
The first time I ever got a positive anything was actually on a CBEFM that went to "peak" and I actually caught my breath and grinned. My husband was laying in bed and could see me in the bathroom and my reaction was so big that he asked what was so exciting.

Small victories!

Alison said...

Who knew making babies would be such hard work. :)