Saturday, April 12, 2008


Short Update: I'm still exhausted from work and lack of sleep. OB apt yesterday went well. Without a doubt I am definitely in the 2nd trimester! No sono, but hb=156, which is still strong. Refused the pap smear (I've never had one come back abnormal, I'm not sleeping around, and I didn't feel like getting my cervix scraped!) and the nurse humored me. Worked my 3rd Saturday in a row (normally my day off), only 3 more to go before I get a break! Hubby's job is still going well (which is good since he's only worked 2 days!).

Hung out with some friends yesterday and they hooked me up with some maternity clothes. A BIG thank you to them! My stomach is definitely starting to expand and I can't zip up some of my pants anymore. It's nice to have some clothing options again. I highly recommend the belly band! You still get to wear your favorite "skinny" clothes and it provides a little support for your heavy tummy.

OK. I think that is enough incomplete sentences for 1 post... I'll try to write a better post after I am able to catch some ZZZZs.


Fertilized said...

glad the appointment went well- now get some sleep

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY for 14 weeks and a great appointment! :)

Dreams do come true said...

I'm glad that you got good news back from the cardiologist, and that you had a great appointment with the OB as well!!

Alison said...

On to maternity clothes... this is great! Glad everything went well at the appointment.

deanna said...

Congrats on reaching the second trimester! Doesn't it feel GREAT!?

(thanks for stopping by my blog!)