Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Few Symptoms?

I experienced a couple things that I hope are pg symptoms.
- This morning I had a bitter taste in the back of my mouth and throat. It is also reoccuring tonight.
- This morning my mucus (the stuff in my nose) smelled sour when I blew my nose.
- I have been having this pinching feeling in my abdomen. It's not like menstral cramps so I hesitate to call it cramps.
- This morning my areolas looked larger and pinker.
- Yesterday I was VERY tired, especially in the afternoon and evening (although today I had normal energy levels).

If you know anything about any of the above being or not being symptoms, please let me know. It's kind of freaking me out that my bbies aren't sore yet. I'm also really tired of being scared and freaked out.

I'm sorry I'm such a whiner so far during this pg. To be honest, this pg doesn't feel real yet. I still feel like Infertile Mertile. I want to relax, but I can't. It would really be great if I could have a good experience at the doctor tomorrow morning and my beta results are in and wonderfully high.


Kathy V said...

Just hang in there. YOu will probably feel relieved once you go to the doctor. Hopefully all is well.

Fertilize Me said...

If it helps any my Bbies were not sore at all until like wekk 10 and and then now they just are hard and ache but never got overly sore ( nor did veins show up until about week 10)

I don't remember any of the above symptoms but everyone is different. If it's different for you - that's a good thing.

I did have the weird twinges and pinches in my abdomen that were some what weird and i guess crampy is the word

I say you are doing fine - hang in there