Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funk and Candida

I noticed last night that I haven't posted in a while. I just haven't felt like I want to blog. I've been kind of like a turtle who hides in its shell. Every morning I wake up and feel fine for about an hour. Then the weight of my sadness seems to hit me and I break down and sob for a while. Then, I just walk around in a kind of fog during the day. Work has been really busy this week so that has been a good distraction. I haven't really been able to pray either. Yesterday was my adoration hour day. The most I can say is I showed up. I decided that I was doing pretty good to show up. I spent the time either just sitting or journaling. I've been like this since Christmas. Luckily, when my in-laws were in town they stayed in a hotel so I could have my breakdown at home and then act like a normal person in front of them.

I have tried to do some pro-active things, even while I'm in a funk. I have done some research into candidaisis. Does anyone know about this? It is basically an overgrowth of yeast in your body. I have been having a problem with thrush and yeast infections. If I don't eat yogurt every day then I get a flare up of one or the other. I have also read that there is a connection between candida and endo and ibs. I also have quite a few of the other symptoms associated with candida. So, I talked to my doctor and read up on how to combat this problem. Basically you have to go on a no carb/sugar, no dairy, all organic/natural/hormone free diet. It is actually a pretty extreme change for me. Also, it's a lot more expensive.

I decided to try easing into it to see how extreme I need to go. We are trying to buy meat that is hormone free and organic veggies when they are available. I am eating fewer carbs and cutting out "white" food. Basically when I eat carbs I am trying to eat whole grains instead of highly processed carbs and sugars. I'm also trying to up my exercise. I've managed to loose the few pounds I gained during the holidays, plus a pound so I got to adjust my ticker this morning.

I have also been having this weird achey/bruised feeling on my right side. It feels better with heat and hurts more when it's cold. It's been there for about a week (on and off). I'm starting to wonder if I developed a cyst on my right ovary. If it's still there next week I'll ask my gyno if he will do an ultrasound.

Well, that's basically me right now. Hubby and I are going for a walk so I need to log.


Alison said...

Sorry for the funk. Maybe a change in diet and more exercise will help. My hubby and I switched to a whole grain diet and it was great!

Fertilize Me said...

i am sorry that you are in a funk ..If you read the early parts of my blog in feb 07-may 07 I did the candida diet. I SWEAR it helped me so much. If you need any tips of books or support email me. I did it for 4 months and It took dedication and was difficult at times, but i felt 1000000% better and lost over 35 lbs. It was my only cycle of clomid i ovulated on after i did the cleanse for 3.5 months

Kathy V said...

Hi, I'm so sorry you are in a funk. Aren't those days the worst? The ones that you know you should do something different but you just can't shake the funk. My cyst felt like a small pinching. Sometimes when I got up or changed positions it felt like a pulling and pinching. Mine never really hurt but certainly annoying to say the least.

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I used to have yeast infections all the time. Especially when I lived on carbs (I was a poor grad student.) Once I ate more veggies and started taking priobiotic acidophilus supplements, it cleared up. AND they help my IBS tremendously!!! The ones that have to be refrigerated after opening work the best.

Good luck!!!


P.S. I don't have to be strict with my diet at all as long as I take the supplements every day.