Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overcoming Temptation

Last night my church put on a party for all of the volunteers for children's ministries and the ministries that help prepare people who wish to join the church. Since we are a large church this is a very big party. We always have a very nice dinner before the festivities begin. Last night on the menu was chick.en pi.ccata, grilled veggies, salad, rolls with garlic butter, shrimp, and stuffed shell pasta with red sauce. I went through the line the first time and filled my plate with a double serving of the veggies, a small breast of chicken, salad, and shrimp. When I finished I wasn't hungry and I had stuck to my diet as well as possible (the only "bad" part was the breading on the chicken, but I chose a piece with almost no breading). Of course, when I was finished I was really craving a roll with the yummy garlic butter and a stuffed shell. I have really been craving tomato sauce stuff lately... I seriously considered splurging for the night and having all those delicious carbs. However, I resisted. I tried to keep in mind how good I was feeling and how the numbers on the scale are going down. I was very proud of myself (although I was still craving that pasta...)

My reward came this morning. I still managed to loose 0.6 pounds! =) I'm switching my ticker!

In other news, my temp is messing with me. It is peak + 13 today. After 2 days of low temps yesterday's temp went up again, but today's was down again. I think, for my sanity's sake, I am going to continue to expect AF today. If she doesn't come today I will test tomorrow.


Kathy V said...

It looks like the new diet is doing good things for you. Congratulations on all the weight loss so far.

Trish said...


If you're really craving pasta, you might try some whole wheat pasta and see if you can work it in. I actually like it a little better than the super milled stuff.