Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nose Dive

I am peak +11 and my temp has plummeted 2 days in a row. I'm guessing AF is on her way. If that happens this would be my first cycle of temping that actually followed "the rules" of temping. That is actually kind of nice. I've never had any warning AF was on the way besides some cramps. I am a little disappointed, but not surprised. I don't think my L ovary works very well. For years I have had a pattern of one fairly normal cycle and one weird cycle on and off. I think my L ovary is retarded .

In other news, I am going to work today after 2 days of being home sick. I am still congested, but feeling much better. That's good because tomorrow is a long day at work. Hopefully I don't wear myself down too much and just relapse.

One last thing. I have a prayer request. One of my friends went to the March for Life in D.C. and was asked to pray for a girl who is pregnant, in college, and being pressured by her boyfriend and her parents to have an abortion. She has an appointment for today for "the procedure." Please pray for her. She is confused and went to see her campus minister for advice (that's how my friend knows... my friend is also a campus minister and heard through the prayer network). I am still in shock that her parents are pressuring her too. I think they are a Catholic family. Obviously they think a baby at this point in her life would ruin her life. If I knew her I would offer to adopt the baby myself. I hate that this is still happening in our world. I just don't understand how someone could kill a baby.


Kathy V said...

Every person has to make the decision that is right for them at the time. That being said, a mom and boyfriend should not be the ones to make the decision without her input. If she feels stongly against it even though everyone else feels it is in her best interest to not have a child at this time, then maybe adoption it the way to go. I have never been placed in this situation but now that I live with IF I would be very hard pressed to stand on the abortion line. It is someone's right to choose but it wouldn't be best for me unless it was dire consequences. I hope she can come to a decision and not one that she is pressured into because that could cause resentment toward those people later on.I will pray for her and whatever decision she is about to make.

LifeHopes said...

I think it is tragic that any woman in this day and age would feel so pressured, alone, and without support that she would turn to abortion as a solution.

I will pray that she finds the support she needs to continue with this pregnancy and then to be able to make the best decision for herself and that baby: whether to adopt or raise it herself.

Mrs. B said...

I will pray that she will realize that this is a decision she will regret someday. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or even next year but at some point she will regret it.

We all make decisions that we think are right at the time and only later realize how wrong they were. Such is the tragedy of youth. I hope that she does not go through with it but if she does I hope that she has a really good support system to help her later on down the road. Put my name in the hat to adopt it!!

allyouwhohope said...

I'm right with you on that - how could someone kill a baby? It makes me sick and just so sad. I prayed for her and will continue to.

I also hope you feel better!