Friday, October 5, 2007

I suck

I just noticed how long it had been since I last posted. I'm sorry for the silence. I have been around reading other people's blogs, I just haven't felt like writing myself. I'm doing ok (considering the circumstances). Yesterday I was pretty emotional, but most days I just do my best not to think about our loss. I had spiritual direction on Monday and that was really good for me. My director gave me some homework (tips for taking better care of myself mainly). I haven't really done my homework yet, but I want to (which is a step in the right direction). This week we were late coming home almost every day, so it was kind of a tiring week. (And, I have to work tomorrow morning for a few hours. :( I'm NOT excited about getting up early an extra day!)

My husband got a call today to schedule an interview for Monday. We really need the extra income, so any prayers you want to throw our way would be appreciated.

I will try to be better at posting.


Fertilize Me said...

this is your blog, you blog when you want to about what you want to! I am sorry you have to work tomorrow. I hope you get some good rest/relaxation time in

Anonymous said...

We understand about the posting thing. When you are ready we will be here for you.

Kim said...

I certainly can't complain about you not blogging. I am very guilty of slacking lately. Sometimes I just don't have the time, energy, or thoughts to write something. I check in on you when I can and when you need to blog I'll read.

I will pray for your hubby's interview, too.

Take care!

underthewillow said...

It's hard to blog sometimes. It's far easier to read what's going on in the lives of friends that to offer something to share. :)

We'll say a prayer for your hubby's interview.

Katie said...

Sometimes, posting it just too much. It is painful at times to get the words out. We understand. And we are here for you. Also, I think that is is wonderful that in the midst of your sadness, you are able to offer support to others. That is the mark of a truly good person. I know the pain of an early miscarriage, so if you need anything, just let me know.