Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Faint Hope

So, the stick this morning had a faint 2nd line... Hopefully the doctor will do a beta for confirmation. I am cautiously hopeful. I took the test at about 6am (didn't have to wake until seven, but woke up with a full bladder and couldn't go back to sleep...) so I was, again, bleary-eyed. After the 3 min wait, I thought it was neg... until I took it into the light and put on my glasses. Then, of course hubby figured out what I was doing because I took so long so I told him about the faint line. So, we were both up at that point. I encouraged him to try to sleep and left. I prayed for about 20 min (well, tried to pray... I was crying for an unknown reason, or a million reasons at once, and couldn't settle down to do anything other than sit there). I kept hearing hubby cough so I went back into the bedroom and we cuddled. He's happy but scared. Financially we're not quite stable at the moment. He needs to find a job but he's having a hard time. He is trying to switch career tracks, so now he's kind of "inbetween" fields; not really in the old field, but not quite in the new one.

Anyway, I have a doc apt in an hour. Originally I planned to use the apt to discuss endo treatment options. Hopefully now the conversation will revolve around how to keep a confirmed pregnancy from m/c. If I have time I'll post an update before I go to work.

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Fertilize Me said...

HOLY MOLY saying prayers!