Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Is it normal to have cramping in early pregnancy? I have had cramping basically continuously since about 11dpo. It's not the full-on cramps I usually get with AF, but the nagging mini cramps I usually get to warn me AF is coming. I'm trying not to obsess or worry too much. I haven't seen any blood when I wipe. I know I have endo, so maybe that's why I have cramps. It is a little annoying though, especially since life has been stressful lately.

In other news, hubby was told today that he did not get a job that he was a top candidate for. I am disappointed. He seems to be taking it better than I am. I really hope he is able to find a job soon, and one that he enjoys.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the cramping is normal. Unless it is severe and/or accompanied with red blood.

Sorry your DH did not get the job he wanted, maybe that means there is another one out there for him...

Oh, and I need to move you on my list of links to the IF Graduates column!!

SaraS-P said...

Yes, cramping is normal, especially around the time you normally would be menstruating. The uterus is expanding, even this early.

Lolita said...

i just found your blog after looking up endo + early pregnancy.
anyways - i was reading your 'for the record' I TOTALLY AGREE!
i love it ;)

we should get t shirts made that say something along those lines. we can wear them to social gatherings. or we can make business cards and hand them out ;) hehehe.

and then watch their faces as they read them