Saturday, December 29, 2007


I hate the 2ww! I feel so anxious and every little thing seems to be a symptom... I just took a shower and I swear my areolas looked darker. My temp has been up for 3 days, since 8dpo and even though my temp is usually low my chart looks like it *could* be triphasic. I have also felt some slight shooting cramps a few times over the last few days and I have been exhausted all day. I took 2 naps today. And, the thing that's really screwing with my head, some things smell and taste weird.

It's 10dpo and I just p'd.o.a.s. It was negative. I hate this.


Fertilize Me said...

Look at see what kind of test it may not be senstive enough. I'm holding out hope!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry for your BFN, and for your struggle. I appreciate the honesty in your blog. As for test suggestions (per the commenter above), the Answer brand purchased at Wal-Mart generally works early for me. Good luck and ((hugs)) from TX.

Jen said...

Know that I'm thinking about you! I can't imagine how tough this is. Big hugs for you!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

10 DPO is super early. Don't lose faith yet!

Thinking of you! :)

Katie said...

Now, as a expert POAS-aholic, I can tell you that I NEVER give up hope until 13 DPO.

I have found that the Dollar Store brand tests are the least expensive and pretty darn accurate. But if you don't want to trust those, my test of choice is First Response Early Result. Just be sure not to grab the Rapid Results by mistake as they are not as sensitive.

Are the VEINS in your breasts darker/bluer? That is one of my first signs!