Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tomorrow's Talk

Well, tomorrow is the day I have an appointment with my co-worker to work through the "tension" we had last week. We have had a few conversations since then, about work stuff, that have gone smoothly. To be honest, I'm torn about how I want tomorrow's conversation to go. I think part of me wants it to go poorly because then I will have a reason to go on disliking her... However, I want it to go well so that my work environment will be more comfortable. I am feeling a lot of axiety about the upcoming conversation. I think I mostly want it to go well, but I am worried that it won't.

Please pray for me and this situation. Thank you.


Fertilize Me said...

UGH some people just make life harder ... such crap..praying

Katie said...

Praying and hoping for a good discussion with an even better resolution.