Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Waxing and Waning

Just so my last post isn't at the top forever, I thought I would report that I'm feeling a bit better today. Of course, it helps that I haven't had to endure another friend telling me she's pregnant for the 5th time in 7 years... However, I don't want to diminish the little bit of hope I am feeling. Hubby has his 2nd SA tomorrow (at least 2nd test under the correct conditions) and then next Thursday is the follow up appointment with the competent urologist to go over his blood work and SA results. At that point we will have some better answers to what is going on in hubby's body. The doctor did feel a varicocele, so I know that may be an issue. I'm hoping that his counts are good enough for IUI, at the very least. If not, we will probably start looking at adoption more seriously. Now, if only I could find a pot of gold...


4andcounting said...

I'm sorry my joy brings you sorrow. I will pray for the grace to be a friend to you without causing pain. And I promise to try not to make hurtful comments and give you full permission to bring any to my attention. You hide your pain well, but I hope you will let those who love you be your strength when you have none.

Kim said...

If you find that pot of gold let me know where it is!
So far everything has been covered but I'm so scared about what lies ahead.

Hope you get good results!