Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Preliminary Results

Well, DH got some preliminary SA results over the phone from the nurse today. She didn't give him all of his numbers (she left out motility results, for one) so we don't have the complete picture. From what she did give us, it looks like his volume and count are good, and his antibody count was good (negative). It does look like his morphology numbers are pretty low (5%) though. Also, his hormone levels all seem to be on the low side. I'm not sure what all this means yet, but I have a growing feeling of dread. Hubby is pretty upset. He spent the better part of the afternoon doing internet research, which can make anyone crazy (as I'm sure you all know...). Unfortunately, we have to wait until Thursday for real answers. In the mean time, I think DH and I are bracing ourselves for the worst.

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