Monday, June 25, 2007

Health Update

I forgot to blog about how my post op went with the doc. I basically have endo in 1 place (that he could see) but it is pretty bad (stage 4, although my doc doesn't think the staging categories really apply to my situation). I have endo on my right side, from my ovary to my bladder, all around my ureter. The complication is that there are several major arteries in this area so surgery could be dangerous (at least more so than if the endo were somewhere else). The good news is that my uterus is still pliable (not cemented in place by the endo) and that the endo doesn't seem to be blocking anything (fallopian tubes, bowls, etc.). So, it could be worse. It could also be much better...

I'm not sure if the endo is what is causing the infertility problems. Hubby had a sperm analysis (SA) done, so we'll find out the results soon (today?). However, I'm hoping that after the lap, I will have a better chance of conceiving. Doc said that the only way to get rid of the endo is to have surgery with a very skilled surgeon (probably not laproscopic this time tho...) or to take contraceptives that will "dry up" the endo (but will also stop my period and nix our chances of conceiving for quite a while). Or... I could hope I get pregnant soon. Pregnancy and breast feeding will actually dry up endo too because I won't have all that estrogen in my body. Hubby does NOT want me to have surgery. I do NOT want to take contraceptives. We're going to try the "wait and see" approach for at least 3 months (doc said we could do 6 months). In the mean-time, I made an appointment with an allergist (April 17th) and I am looking into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I have heard only good things about accupuncture and it's covered by my insurance, so I definitely think it's worth a try. I am about to ovulate tho, so I think I'll wait to see if I get a big fat positive (BFP) this month first.

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