Monday, June 25, 2007

Peak Plus 12


Well, today is peak + 12 (12 days past ovulation) and my period (AF) has not arrived yet. I'm not very hopeful that I'm pregnant though, because yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Also, I had some slight cramping yesterday, the kind I usually get the day or two before I get my period. However, I haven't had any cramping today yet. Although, I started taking progesterone this cycle on peak + 2. I am supposed to take it until peak + 14. This may be keeping my period away longer. For this cycle, it's just making it difficult for my schedule. Unfortunately (at least in regards to the timing of my cycle) I leave at 6am tomorrow on a trip. I will be away from Hubby (who has to stay home and study) during the exact time that I will probably find out for sure how this cycle will turn out. I will bring all supplies with me in case AF comes, and I'll bring my progesterone to take me through peak + 14. I'm not sure about taking a pregnancy test while I'm away. I won't have a private bathroom, and I don't really want to test in a public bathroom... It's definitely a dilemma. I will probably test tomorrow morning before I leave for the airport. If I don't get pregnant this cycle, I think we'll try some new tactics next cycle.

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