Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Keyword Analysis"

Does anyone else look at their statcounter to see how people find their blog? I like to look periodically. Every once in a while it is obvious that someone is trying to find porn and they find my blog instead. I can't imagine what their reaction is when they click on the link and find me talking about infertility and faith. LOL It's probably a bit of a shock... I am sharing today because the phrase that brought someone to my blog was just too funny!

"temptation sperm party"

What is that?!? It just makes me laugh!
What are some of the funny google search key words that bring people to your blog?


Geohde said...

Mine always involve >>>body part<<< >>>verb<<< >>>orifice<<<.

Can't say more than that without being rude.



Kathy V said...

I don't know how to check this but if you leave a comment on my blog I would love to be able to.

Katie said...

Yes, I love my stat counter. It keeps me amused. I don't have many dirty searches, but I love it when they come up! Giggle.

SaraS-P said...

I get some pretty frightening keywords. I am amazed by how many people get to my blog by search for pee and boobs. Were they just going through and clicking on EVERY hit they got in Google???

Alison said...

hehe. I always check mine. They can be quite funny. The pron thing is classic!