Friday, February 15, 2008

What's "Normal"?

**post all about pregnancy-- skip if you want**

Last night I had some cramping. It was more intense than the little cramplets I've been having all along, but not as intense as the cramps from when I m/c'd. I haven't had any spotting. The cramps started on my drive home. When I got home I basically tried to stay as still as I could. When I was still and under a blanket the cramps would subside. I would describe the cramps as a throbbing (at times) and a crushing feeling (at the most intense). They were in various parts of my abdomen on both the R and L sides and mostly in the lower region. I called my doc's office this morning and talked to a nurse. She said that the cramps sounded fairly typical for a pg'y, even for this early. I also googled (because, of course I need to hear the same news from multiple sources) cramping in early pregnancy. Basically, as long as there is no blood and the cramps aren't too intense then it isn't anything to worry about. Apparently my body is already moving out of the way of the baby (even though the little one is only about 5-7mm at 6 weeks). Is it too early for round ligament pain?

So, I guess my question is: what kind of cramping is "normal" for you during pregnancy? At what point should I worry and rush to the doctor?


Fertilize Me said...

imho: if you are ever doubled over in pain - or absolutely just cannot handle the pain ( or there is blood)

i had a few cramps - then i got round ligament pains .. and they are quite alarming at first - throbby/achey but then i got used to them

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I've had cramping throughout my pregnancy so far and I'm 18 weeks. Granted, now my OB says it is round ligament pain, but early on it was light cramping on both sides. Some days it would be on one side, some days it would be the other. I knew it wasn't ectopic, but occasionally it hurt to the point where I questioned my own u/s.

My thought on this is if the cramps are bad and continuous and can't be stopped by just laying down for a bit then I would call your doctor. Sometimes, when you're moving a lot you get more crampy--at least this was my experience as I'm on my feet for the majority of the day. Also, RLP is different from the cramping, at least for me. It was more of a stabbing, burning, or pulling sensation as opposed to a cramp. I could tell the difference when I would get these types of pains and I hadn't done anything physical to warrant them. And my RLP lasts a lot longer than cramps.

Overall, if you are concerned always, always, always call. Yes, you might sound crazy and obsessed, but it's your baby and your pregnancy and only you know what you're feeling. And that is what the nurses and doctor's are there for.